Here Are Just A Few Of The Reasons We Should Work Together...

If you've found your way to this page whether by accident or on purpose, you're probably wondering "Who is Apple Daniels," and how can she help me achieve my vision of increasing my brand visibility online? Do I even want to work with her?" If that sounds like something along the lines of where you are right now, GREAT! Keep reading.

My passion is working with solopreneurs and small business owners to brand themselves using the internet.

Entrepreneurship is hard enough, and as I've built my own business, I've been fortunate enough to have a great group of mentors guiding me and encouraging me to expand my vision, and now it's my turn to pour into those who desire to their own vision come to life. Whether you are a new business owner seeking to get your ideas out, or an existing business owner adjusting to life on the web, if you have a burning desire to grow from good to great and tap into all that applying internet techniques to your business has to offer, we'll be great together.

So why should you work with me?

So What Do I Do, and How Can You Get Started?


If you're an aspiring entrepreneur or someone with a business, but you're looking for some additional funding, my direct sales/network marketing mentorship and training program is perfect for you.

My entrepreneurial beginnings were in the direct sales. It's where I learned the ins and outs of running a business, with low overhead in comparison to going the traditional route. It's also how I've funded other ventures as I've branched out as a business owner.

When done correctly, direct sales/network marketing can be a very financially rewarding experience. Some of what you'll learn in my direct sales/network marketing mentorship and training program include:

  • How To Develop a Website and Lead Capture Page To Stand Out From the Crowd
  • Creating Compelling Content To Drive More Traffic To Your Website
  • Building Influence Through Video Marketing
  • Paid Advertising Secrets
  • 6-Figure Email Marketing Strategies

and more ...

Watch this short video to hear a message I gave to over 1600 affiliates in Anaheim, CA 2013 as one of the Top 500 affiliates in a company of over 200k.

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