Top 5 Affiliate Networks for Work At Home Moms

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how-affiliate-marketing-worksOne of the most common ways to make money online as a work at home on mom is to be come apart of an affiliate network. Affiliate networks allow major brands to connect with you the publisher to promote products and services that may otherwise be hard to reach. 

It’s kind of like a dating service for affiliates and merchants. 

Getting connected with an affiliate network is easy. For the most part, you just head over to their website, and depending on the company, enter some information about you, your site, your audience, and they’ll approve you. 

Occasionally you’ll run into affiliate networks with extremely strict criteria, but generally they’ll tell you that during the sign-up process. Brand criteria definitely varies as major companies generally require your site to have a specific amount of traffic it receives, however over time, and with consistency you can definitely build to a level of playing with the big dawgs. 

So How Do Know What Affiliate Network Is Right For You?

Like all things in the world of entrepreneurship, what is right is ultimately subjective and a matter of what you’re looking for out of you business. So to help you navigate the waters, I’ve compiled a list. 

Here are my Top 5 Affiliate Networks For Work At Home Moms


clickbank-logoClickbank is one of the most popular affiliate networks, not just for work at home moms, but for infopreneurs in general. Through  Clickbank, not only can you sell the products and services of other marketers, but you can also market your own products, leveraging their affiliates. 

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