6 Time Management Tips For Mompreneurs

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Mompreneur – it’s hard work. Being a mom without the “preneur” is hard work. Period. It doesn’t matter if you’re a single mom, or with live-in boyfriend, or with husband, moms carry the world and make it go round. Add in a business and the pressures of everyday life increase tenfold.

I get asked all the time, “How Do You Do It? 3 kids under 5… you make it look so easy!” (insert slight eye roll and a light chuckle). I don’t know about easy, but over time I have learned to manage certain aspects of business/life balance. What I’ve come to realize is that the constant battle of something always needing to be done, someone always needing to be changed or feds, calls/emails needing to be returned, blogs needing to be written, husbands needing attention will never cease. Even when my boys grow up, I will still be mom and more than likely I’ll still be a mompreneur, except there will be a new set of needs and challenges to deal with (though they may be much lighter than they are at this moment with all 3 being under the age of 5)

So how do we manage it all?

Without getting into an entire conversation about faith, my first response is always with A LOT of prayer … and maybe a glass of wine or two (don’t judge me).

As a mompreneur it’s important that we not be so hard on ourselves. It’s an uphill battle trying to always be every thing for everyone and the guilt associated with not being able to meet those realistic expectations is enough to drive anyone mad.

Here are 6 time management tips for mompreneurs to help you manage business/life balance.

1. Develop a Schedule and STICK TO IT

I remember when we first had the twins. There we were – new parents, only having been married a little over a year (I got pregnant 6 months in) with these two new babies to care for . That first night home without the hospital nurses was SCARY!! Thankfully they gave us a schedule and we stuck to it. The ate 30 minutes apart had set times for naps, and play times. Although it was a little challenging in the beginning and every night wasn’t perfect, we made it through, and eventually learned where we had a little breathing room and where we didn’t. We began to develop successful habits that helped us get through each day.

Your business is the same way. Start with a schedule. Block off times when you’re going to work on your business. If you’re a work at home mompreneur, when you’ll take care of chores, etc. Make sure to block off times to help kids with homework and a little relaxation time for you. Happy mompreneurs do good business and I ALWAYS fit in a little “me time” be it for my hair, nails, eyelashes, a massage… or time with my girls. Don’t forget about YOU in this process.

2. Set Your Intentions

This applies to your overall business goals, as well as your day to day activities. When setting your intentions, ask yourself, “What am I looking to accomplish today?” “What is My ultimate goal?’ If you know what you want out of each day it will be easier for you to complete each activity with focus.

3. Prioritize Your Activities

Make a list and divide it in to three categories. Hot, Warm, and Cold. Your “Hot List” is everything that needs to  be done no matter what. Marketing, Kid’s doctor’s appointments, dinner… anything that you cannot avoid. Your “Warm List” is the stuff you would like to do, but it’s not necessarily a priority. The items of your warm list may even be able to be outsourced. Your “Cold” List obviously is the stuff you can do away with. If EVER you have a moment to spare, MAYBE you’ll get to it.

Only you know which items can go on each list so I’ll refrain from giving examples, but categorizing what you have to do each day will ultimately help you move through the “to do” list with much more ease and less feelings of being overwhelmed.

4. Unsubscribe from Unnecessary Lists

I’m guilty of this every year. Someone offers a good freebie, or some new competition I want to check out pops up and next thing I know I’m subscribed to a million lists. Having to sift through hundreds of emails every day not only takes tons of time, but sucks up your energy. Choose one or two people respected influencers, and maybe one competitor (don’t act like you don’t follow the competition LOL) to subscribe to and set up filters in your email. Filters will move the emails to designated folders as soon as they come in which will keep them out your inbox. Doing this will help keep you focused and keep them stored for a later date.

5. Learn the Art of Deletion

Any read/used emails, and inbox messgaes … delete them. I learned this from a mentor of mine. For years I was guilty of email hoarding. Inbox just cluttered with unread messages from random lists or emails I already check and saved for no reason. Now that you’ve implemented the art of unsubscribing, after you check the emails that are left. Delete them. You’ll feel much better each day starting with a clean slate.

6. Rinse and Repeat

Repeating this process at the end of each day will keep you one step ahead for the next 24 hours and help you start each day with a fresh focus.

Final Thoughts

I’m by NO means the perfect mompreneur. There are days when I complete everything and then there are those when I fall behind. The key to making business and life work together is to take each day one at a time, go easy on yourself, and avoid falling into the guilt trap. As much as we would like to believe it, we moms don’t posses super human powers… and that’s okay.

Wishing you growth and prosperity!


Do you have any time management tips that have helped you? Comment below and share your thoughts!

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