Blogging 101: Blog Content

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Part 2 – Blog Content

One of the most important things to remember is that when it comes to content for your blog there is no specific rule that says what you can and cannot blog about. While there are definitely people that choose to make their blog and extention of their business, there are others who say “to heck with it” and blog about things that are the complete opposite.

The main difference between a profitable blog and a non-profitable blog is not WHAT the blog is about, but HOW the blog is written. Think of it this way. Would you prefer to read long drawn out notes from a class lecture, or an exciting novel by your favorite author? More than likely you’ll say the novel because it’s more interesting or not as boring as lecture notes. While the purpose of your blog is to provide information in order to make it appealing to readers it’s conents should be easily obtained and presented in a relaxed manner. Here are some important steps to remember when it comes to creating content for your blog. Continue reading Blogging 101: Blog Content