Search Engine Optimization Tips

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Search Engine Optimization - Magnifying GlassIt is every webmasters goal to have his or her site at the top of the search engines so that when people search for a particular term, yours is the first site they visit.

This is however quite a detailed and time consuming process, although not an impossible one. Someone has to be at the top, right?

Search engines use hundreds of different factors to determine the positioning of your site. SEO is the art (or science) of trying to do as much as you can to improve your ranking.

Here are some tips to help you along:

Submit your Site to directories

To give your site a kick start with getting indexed in the search engines, submit it to 30 or so good quality web directories. Free ones are fine; this is just a great way to get your site indexed. There is no need to continually do this, just do it once.

Keyword Research

This is a very important aspect of your site and something you should do well before building the site. Use as many tools as you can to gather as many keywords as possible, then group those keywords and use similar ones in each article. It’s a good idea to target 5-10 keywords per article rather than focusing on just one keyword for every article.

Web Analytics

Web analytics software like Google Analytics and Statcounter will reveal to you many things about your visitors which can assist in improving your site. The main one is which keywords they are using to reach your site. If you know this, you can continually expand your keyword list to include these keywords in your articles.

Landing Pages

Google are becoming stricter in how they rate and rank your landing page. Your landing page is simple the page a visitor lands on after clicking your site in the search engine. Treat every page on your site as a unique page and make them all quality.


If you want to rank highly you simply need to get as many good quality links coming into your site. If you build a great resource then people will start naturally linking to you. This is the goal. In the meantime you can contact webmasters on sites you want to get a link from and hopefully they will agree to place your link there. This is a very broad topic which will be covered in more detail elsewhere on this site.

If you take all these factors into consideration when building and promoting your site then you are sure to earn some points with the search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. Remember the search engines want to give people quality websites so there is little point in you trying to cheat the system. IF you keep producing quality content and services for visitors, the search engines will eventually reward you with high rankings.

Wishing you growth & prosperity!




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  • This is great information. Of course, it must help a lot of people who are in SEO. Thanks :)