Creating Your Own Affiliate Product

affiliate product

It’s a simple, very logical concept-if you can make big money in affiliate marketing, how big could your revenue stream be if you were the producer of the affiliate product instead? As an affiliate you make “x” percent of each product sold, so let’s say you’re earning a commission of say 50%. That means that you…

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Home Based Business and Work at Home Marketing

home based business

Let’s face it, if you work at home and operate an online home based business, the number one goal has to be “website promotion”. If you don’t have a good Internet marketing plan in place, You will fail! Let’s talk about ways to get traffic to your website and get the kind of sales you…

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How to Find a Profitable, Low Competition Niche

low competition niche

There are two factors that every good marketer needs to have: profit potential and a low competition niche. If you have both, then you have a good chance of carving out a part of that market for yourself. In this article, we’ll look at how to come up with a list of potential niche markets, as…

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A Simple Link Building Strategy For Getting To The Top


One of the most vital elements of SEO (search engine optimization) is link building. A good link building strategy will send a lot of traffic to your website and will also improve your ranking in the search engines. When you get a link back to your site from another site, it sends the signal to…

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