Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages: Everything You Need to Know

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Once again the social media world is all a buzz with last week’s announcement of Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages. The lines have been drawn and business owners are divided into groups of

“I Love It,” “I Hate It,” and “Who Cares?” For some time now, it’s been quite clear that the Facebook has been catering everything from its newly designed platform to its advertising towards big corporations in what some say is a sell out to their primary base (the average user and small business owner), so the pending implementation of Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages should come as no surprise.

Regardless of which group you fall in, here’s everything you need to know about the new Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages and how it affects you.

Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages Gives Businesses More Control

1. The Look

While some argue that the cover photo and timeline format look too much like the personal profile, this option opens the door for brands creative expression with their products, services, and messaging, and enables them to create milestones (product launches and updates) to keep audiences engaged on the who, what, when, and where of their business.

Tip: The dimensions for the Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages cover photo are 850 x 315. For best results choose an image that is unique and fully represents your brand and keep milestones limited to the most important information. Just enough to let the viewer in without giving them your life story.

Another tip, and this one is huge! Avoid the Facebook Smack Down by putting phrases such as “Like Us,” “Click  Here” your website, contact info, or other call to actions in your cover photo. The goal is for brands to move away from strictly selling and engage more in the social experience.

2. No More Landing Tabs

This is probably the biggest downside for some business who have relied primarily on their Facebook page to generate free leads. Similar to the cover photo the goal is for users to naturally interact with your brand as opposed to being enticed by some fancy giveaway or bribe for liking you.

Tip: When creating a status update that includes a link to your product or service, add a lead capture page on the front end in order to still collect the lead. For those with an advertising budget run a Facebook ad using the same strategy above (lead capture on the front end then link to your fan page or product site on the back).

3. The About Section

One of the great things about Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages is the re-emergence of the About Section. Remember a while back when Facebook first switched pages to their current state, the about section which was once located under the profile picture disappeared into the info tab where no one could find it? Well now it’s back, conveniently positioned under the cover photo!

Tip: Use the About section to give a clear, concise, and engaging message that gives your audience just enough to go on… like your company mission statement.

4. Private Messgaes

This is probably the best feature of Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages yet! Finally users and brands can interact with each other via private messaging allowing for a more personalized customer experience. Even better is that now when customers have a complaint or an issue that needs to be resolved, instead of them angrily posting on the public wall, they now have to option to send you a message.

Tip: Make sure respond promptly otherwise it could result in the person heading back to your wall. Most times people just want to know you’re there.

Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages… The Bottom Line

Ultimately when it comes to the new Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages true marketers/business owners understand that the changes are just part of the game and that by the time we get use to it Zuckerburg and his cohorts will have another bright idea and things will change again. For now, head over to your page and preview what it will look like to get use to the new layout. You can also implement immediately if you’d like.

For more tips on the new Facebook Timeline for Brand Page, check out these great articles from Mashable and PC World

Wishing You Growth and Prosperity,

Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages
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