5 Time Management Tips for Effective Social Media Marketing

One of the many challenges small business owners face is applying effective social media marketing without getting sucked into a time warp.

You know what I mean.

You pop on Facebook, Twitter, or your platform of choice and next thing you know it’s been a few hours and your liked and commented your way into getting absolutely nothing done.If you happen to be a work at home entrepreneur, chances are at this point your ever increasing list of things to do today has turned into things to do tomorrow because now you have personal items (kids, dinner, spouse, errands) to take care of.

Sound familiar?

Many small business owner choose to avoid social media all together or begrudgingly use it, not because they don’t believe they need it for their business, but moreso because they have figured out how to effectively utilize it in their daily activities.

Effective Social Media Marketing: Too Much To Manage?

Add to all of this, it seems that there is a new site popping up every 5 minutes; it’s becoming more challenging to know which site is best for your business model. With social media, there’s a huge opportunity to reach outside of your typical market and build relationships with potential new customers, the key is discovery how best and where to use that time.

Time Management Tips for Mompreneurs

So where do you begin?

Listed below are 5 time management tips for effective social media marketing you can apply today.

Set a specific time slot in your day: If you’ve been marketing for some time, you know, or should take notes that there are specific times in your day when your market is most engaged. Typically this is in the early in the morning (before noon EST), some time in the afternoon, and then again in the evening. Everyone’s audience is different, but the more you interact, the more you will be able to determine peek times for your social peeps. Decided what times you will interact and stick to that schedule. Your time is valuable and costly.

Create daily challenges: A great way to develop effective social media marketing habits is to set daily challenges for yourself. Allot yourself a specific amount of time and play a mental game to see if you can make it in time and even beat your time. As you become more skilled at identifying where your time wasters are, this will help with increase productivity.

Get Organized: Use a free tool like Google Spreadsheets to keep track of your social media networks, logins, and task to be completed. Set goals for yourself and track your progress so you know where to make changes as time goes on.

Stay Connected: A big part of effective social media marketing is constantly updating your sites, however as business owners, most of us do not have time to post to each and every social media site on a consistent basis. Using sites like SproutSocial and Everypost will give the appearance of you being everywhere at once

Automation: Using tools such as Timely, Hootsuite, and Socialoomph will allows you to create a number of updates and schedule them out in advance. This is not only a big secret of some of the top marketers and entrepreneurs, but also a huge time save when it comes to effective social media marketing.

Effective Social Media Marketing Begins With You

As the landscape of business continues to evolve, social media will increase as a major influencer in how we connect with one another. As a business owner if you are not utilizing this opportunity to connect with new customers to sell your products and services, not only are you doing yourself a disservice, but you will always find yourself behind everyone else. Effective social media marketing involves listening to what your followers, and customers are saying about you, and about their wants and needs. The better you get at determining that, the more time you will save and the quicker you’ll reach the next level of success.


Marketing Your Business Blog via Social Networks

If you have a business blog but aren’t using social network marketing to promote it, you are losing out on literally hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of potential readers and customers.

Social network marketing is becoming, if it’s not already, the number one way businesses are marketing today. This is because the potential to reach people all over the world is on the Internet through social networking.

In order to make social networking work for your business blog, obviously you need to be a member of the major social networks. However, more is required. You must be active on the social networks. You simply can’t just belong but not interact with other members and expect to build your business that way.

The whole idea of social networking is not simply to drive more traffic to your blogs and sites, it is to build relationships with potential new readers, subscribers and customers. It is then through those relationships that your new contacts will come to know and trust you. Therefore, they will be more apt to purchase from you as well.

So, how do you go about making social networking work for your business? One way is to add, follow or friend people in your target market or niche. Then, begin building relationships with them first. Yes, let them know about your blog, but don’t be all about expecting them to go read it without first knowing why they should. This is where the relationship comes in. Once your subscribers know they can trust you and that you’re not just out to sell them something, but you genuinely want to help them, they will be interested in what you have to say and what you have to sell or your services.

Social networking can be tricky too. You may have a tendency to want to build up your number of friends and followers, but if they are not part of your target market or niche, then they are just a bunch of people. If you don’t have to offer what you’re followers need and want, then all your efforts are a waste of time.

As mentioned earlier, social networking takes time and effort. If you don’t personally have the time to devote to really make social networking work for you, hire a virtual assistant or social network manager to do it for you. It won’t do you any good to belong to social networks if you never have the time to spend building relationships with your potential new readers.

The hottest social networks right now are Twitter, Facebook, Digg, De.lic.ious and Stumble Upon. Of course there are numerous other social networks you can join as well, but these are recommended to get started. Trust me; you will be plenty busy trying to keep up with these five.

Once you start building relationships through social networking, then you can begin promoting your products and services to your audience. But remember, helping your readers, finding ways to benefit them is what’s going to keep them coming back to your site for more! Don’t let your relationship become all about only selling to them.

Wishing you growth prosperity,



Top 3 Marketing Errors

The way that you approach advertising mistakes is the most difficult part of having them. You will discover that sometimes you have to just let things play out if you do not have the power to change them right there and then. When you see things happen in this manner, you can just sit back and wait to take action once you know exactly what to do.
This might involve more than one advertising promotion. If you have a plan B that is still making money for you will help to smooth over the rough patches that you might incur.

How you present your business has a tremendous impact on everyone who pays the slightest attention to you.You need to be focused on gaining the attention of potential customers, who are important to your business. Your business website and your offline physical business, if you have one, are what this is about. Whatever you sell, your business will always be negative to those who first interact with you in a negative way. If you have employees, they too are part of this visual impression that will be remembered. You can completely alienate customers if you have customer service representatives that are not friendly or helpful.


Social media has become so popular that many businesses start using it without bothering to do enough preliminary research. As different as social media is from traditional types of marketing, you really have to apply the same guidelines as you’d use with direct mail marketing, phone sales or face to face meetings. Before anything else, you have to reach out to prospects and open the lines of communication with them. Most people are much more likely to do business with something they consider a friend or associate than someone who contacts them from out of the blue. Relationship marketing is the very foundation of successful business in most areas. That’s why you have to be a little cautious in your approach with social media and stay focused on connected with people.

Putting things off will mess up your hard work and harm your company. This might affect you the most when you are a new business owner. You have a lot of work that needs to get done. In reference to your brand, you cannot wait until tomorrow. You might do this because it is vague and there is nothing to make you do it right away. Keep in mind that marketing is all about making a first impression that lasts. You cannot let your brand slip away.

In conclusion, there are many marketing mistakes that can be disastrous, others that are not so bad. People are human – mistakes can and will be made. What is possible is to commit a number of smaller mistakes that are not easy to spot. The cumulative effect, however, can be magnified once they occur. Which commonly occurs is people will become frustrated, thinking that nothing works. If you have done that, try to step back and pick things apart one by one.

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Official Social Metrics Pro Review: Decoding Social Signals

Social Metrics Pro changes the game!

Unless you’re living under a rock somewhere, by now you’ve learned that Google has once again changed the way it determines how well your content ranks.  This time, instead of being based on some wacky algorithm that very few, if anyone understands (use keywords… no wait don’t use keywords. Syndicate here, but not there…) Google has stated they are now determining the authority of a site by tracking and collecting data from its social presence which they’ve termed Social Signals. In short social signals basically means, the more your site is liked, retweeted, stumbled, digged,  linked, and +1, etc… the higher your rank will be. This is FABULOUS news if you’ve been in the game for a while or you’re someone with a million and one visitors per day, FB friends etc…, but make it a little harder if you’re just starting out, or not in a position of influence. And in either case, how are you supposed to rack how well you’re doing?

Enter Social Metrics Pro Continue reading Official Social Metrics Pro Review: Decoding Social Signals