A Message To All Work From Home Moms

Growing up, I was always someone afraid of my own voice, of my own power. There was a time when I couldn’t even speak in front of  people, and yet here I am in from of 1200+ sharing MY story on stage.

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4 Simple Ways to Build Your List

One of the most important things you can do as an Internet marketer is to build a targeted, responsive list within your market. A list provides you with the instant ability to connect with your target audience, while being able to build a relationship with your subscribers, establish credibility in your market, and maximize your income faster and easier than anything else. If you are new to list building, rest assured that it’s a very simple process and there are many different ways that you can start collecting leads quickly and easily, and absolutely free.

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Start an Online Business

Just about everyone dreams of being able to work at home, set their own hours and dictate what they do with their time.

The internet has made this a reality for thousands of people around the world. But before you start thinking that doing business online is as easy as turning on your computer for a few minutes everyday before setting off for the beach, think again!
It generally takes online entrepreneurs a few years to establish a regular, steady online income. Some people never get there; it really depends on the foundations you set yourself at the beginning of your journey.


If you want to earn money online you simply need to plan HOW to do it. It’s a good idea to learn about different ways of starting a business online and different ways of making money online. But make sure you don’t become a victim of information overload. Don’t inundate yourself with too much information as you will never actually get started.

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How To “Slip In” Your Business Into An Ordinary Conversation

huge.101.509631I find that one of the hardest things networks marketers struggle with most is talking about their business. There’s the perception out there that Network Marketers are the types of people that will ONLY talk to you about their product/service/opportunity. That may be true of some people! But this perception has scared many network marketers out of talking about their business at all. They don’t want to be seen as “that person”.

A great strategy in growing your Network Marketing business is learning how to “slip in” your business during ordinary conversations. The idea is not to be “tricky” about it, but to develop a natural conversation that can lead to you talking to someone more about your business. The caveat is to make THEM ask YOU more about it! It makes you feel better when you dangle a little something out there…a teaser…and someone says, “what is your business” or “tell me more”. Having permission feels great!!

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