The #1 Mistake You’re Making with Your Personal Brand


I started my online marketing career about 3.5 years ago with the intention of instantly building a business that  and personal brand that everyone would love. Armed with a marketing degree and a background in corporate recruiting, I thought “How hard can this be? I have a great product, a great service, I’m good with…

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4 Benefits of Building a Personal Brand in a Targeted Niche


When it comes to branding, many people think big brand advertising: Apple, Starbucks and Nike – it’s often thought of in terms of companies spending, but dollars, however in the small and independent industry, building a personal brand is just as important for survival.  Surprisingly,  personal branding is one of those things that is extremely…

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How-To: Get More Leads For Your Business

I swear this is the greatest thing ever. Okay maybe ever is an overstatement, but hear me out. Every now and again I come across a tool that excites me.  Inspires me. Reminds me of WHY I’m in business.  Every now and again, I discover something that makes me want to sit down and write a…

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How To Build An Email List On Your Blog

One of the biggest challenges that bloggers face is how to build an email list. Most know and understand the saying, “the money is in the list.” Loyal subscribers who know, like, and trust you turn into customers provided you’re continuously providing value and have good content. Back when I first started blogging, I didn’t…

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