Home Based Business and Work at Home Marketing

Let’s face it, if you work at home and operate an online home based business, the number one goal has to be “website promotion”. If you don’t have a good Internet marketing plan in place, You will fail! Let’s talk about ways to get traffic to your website and get the kind of sales you deserve.

Now, over the years, I have tried just about every home business and work at home idea that I could find on the Internet. I have spent thousands of dollars on scams and schemes. I have spent countless hours, days, weeks, months and years trying these programs.

Why, you ask? Well, I am sure you have heard the term “trial and error”. I have always considered these tasks, not as a loss, but as “Priceless Experience”. I have been able to weed out the losers and find the winners!

There are several ways to promote your website or online home based business that can easily fit into most any budget. Let’s take a look at some methods that I have found to be extremly effective.

Home Based Business Promotional Methods

-Traffic Exchanges:

Some of these are useless! But if you do your homework, you can find the sites that will have an option to “upgrade” to some type of “Pro” membership, which generally comes with a lot of bonus credits each month and many different ways that you can get massive traffic to your website or online home business.

-Articles for Content:

One of the best ways to get links to go to your site (which will increase your search engine ranking) is to write articles. Whatever your home business is, create the articles utilizing keywords that relate to your website. You can submit these articles to article directories and other webmasters will gradually place them on blogs, ezines and newsletters. They will also be used for content on websites.


Once you have your articles written you should create your own blog. Blogs are a very key method to promote your home based business online. People are always looking for information, and blogs have become some of the most popular websites on the Internet.

-Newspaper Classified Ads:

Yes, that’s right! Newspaper ads. This is a great way to get traffic to your website. It is a very economical method of advertising. When you do this, make sure and be consistent. Run your ads for several weeks.

-PPC Advertising:

This is a very good way to get traffic to your website. It is neccesary, especially when your website is new. It will get traffic to your site while you work on climbing up the search engine natural rankings.

-Search Engine Optimization:

Make sure you find a reputable company to help you with this if you’re not able to do it yourself. Ask them to email you with at least 12 websites that they have optimized and are ranking on the first page of Google and Yahoo! Don’t use them if they cannot provide this information! Remember, “the proof is in the pudding”.

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When building a home based business the key thing to remember is trial & error, and consistency. Nothing will happen overnight, but with focused, applied action and tracking your results, you quickly be able to pinpoint which method is best for you.

Have you tried any of these methods? Which one worked for you? Comment below!

The #1 Mistake You’re Making with Your Personal Brand

I started my online marketing career about 3.5 years ago with the intention of instantly building a business that  and personal brand that everyone would love.

Armed with a marketing degree and a background in corporate recruiting, I thought “How hard can this be? I have a great product, a great service, I’m good with people … easy peasy!”

I was fresh off one of the hardest years of my life… just shy of a year before (Spring 2009), my husband had been let go of a job he had been at for years. A product of the economic downfall.

At the time we were a very young family with two babies and one on the way. I believed if I could just get something going everything would be okay.

Though it wasn’t my first network marketing company, I decided to join an organization that proclaimed you could drop 3 sizes just by wearing a garment.

I had high hopes.

The money seemed good, the product was great… it was a no brainer.

What I didn’t factor in though… because I was pregnant at the time, I couldn’t actually try the products.

I had no first hand experience and couldn’t give a real account to my prospects.

I was pregnant. And it’s hard to sell a body garment and weight loss products you can’t actually use yourself.

Though I didn’t do well in that company, I hopped on every call and every webinar I could, and what I realized was that every leader that presented had something that the “average” person didn’t have .

Aside from the usual investing in themselves, attending events … reading, etc… one of the commonalities I noticed between every leader is that they had a well developed personal brand.

The #1 Mistake You’re Making With Your Personal Brand

One of the things I’ve discovered in working with my coaching clients on building their personal brand is that most people fell into online marketing via some type of direct sales or MLM opportunity, OR they had an offline business, realized they needed to expand or follow the trend of getting online to increase market share.

In both cases the entrepreneur faces and extreme amount of competition and discomfort as they find it’s not good enough to have a great product because they are a million others doing the same thing …

The #1 Mistake most people make with their personal brand when doing business online is hiding behind their product or service. I

Instead of stepping out as a leader, showcasing their talents and strengths to provide value to those watching, they hide behind company replicated sites, and top producers choosing to share the stories of their friends instead of their own.

I get it … Cyberspace can be scary.

Hackers, weirdos, scammers, and all kinds of creeps dwell there behind firewalls, and overly exaggerated false bravados …

But if you truly desire to build a dynamic personal brand with tons of followers, you’ve got to step out from behind the shadow of others in a way that is unique and true to your personal desires and beliefs.

How To Construct A Personal Brand That Sets You Apart (The Solution)

There are 3 core components, or 3 things you need to ask yourself when developing your personal brand

1. Who I am and why I am here :

This goes back the the question, “What it your why?” and then digs a little deeper. Think about your story. What brought you here? What are some of the challenges you’ve faced and the lessons learned?
2. Who I’m speaking to

Think about who will resonate with your message. What does that person look like? How to do they act? What type of money do they make? What are their challenges and what do they want most in life?
3. How to organically drive my audience to my website

This is simply answering the questions from #2. Find a solution to the challenges your audience is facing and develop a way for them to get the things they desire most. Your job as a marketer is to be right there front and center when hey type their question in the search bar.

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced with building your personal brand?

In the comments below, I’d love for you to answer this question — What value can I give to the market place based on my experiences as an entrepreneur

You can elaborate as much or as little as you want. I can’t wait to see what you share!

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4 Benefits of Building a Personal Brand in a Targeted Niche

When it comes to branding, many people think big brand advertising: Apple, Starbucks and Nike – it’s often thought of in terms of companies spending, but dollars, however in the small and independent industry, building a personal brand is just as important for survival. 

Surprisingly,  personal branding is one of those things that is extremely crucial to success in a small industry, but ironically often overlooked.

Listed below are 4 Benefits of building a personal brand in a targeted niche. 

1. Become the Expertise in Your Niche 

Once you’ve been marketing for a while, producing valuable blog posts, videos, and other content,  before a potential client/prospect even contacts you they will have already been to your website, and all of your social media pages. 

Because information sis so readily available, they’ll already have an opinion about you, good or bad, what the potential client/prospect believes depends on how well you’ve developed you personal brand. 

In other words, your brand can have a huge impact on your conversions, so make sure you  build strong and packed full of value. 

2. Type-In Traffic

Type-in traffic can be a huge traffic source for those seeking organic search traffic. If you’ve been marketing for a while and built a strong personal brand, it’s possible to get more results from type-in traffic than from paid marketing. 

Take Apple (the computer company) for example. They get more traffic from people typing their domain name into the search bar than they do from any of their paid advertising methods because they’ve built a strong brand. 

If managed correctly, type-in traffic is a great opportunity for your personal brand to flourish. 

3. Networking 

As I stated early, becoming an expert in your niche is one of the best things you can do for your personal brand. It’ll open doors to a wealth of opportunities, including guest blogging on other people’s sites, successful product creation and selling, JV partnerships, and speaking opportunities. All of these provide an increase in  free backlinks to your site which means more traffic and new customers. 

4. Becoming Your Personal Brand                           

Successful entrepreneurs realize that building their business brand  also means building their personal brand.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is believing the two are separate or that they have no impact on one another. Being mindful that to the potential customer or client they are one in the same will not only open doors for your business, but it’ll also open doors for you professionally. Getting investors for new projects, book deals, speaking engagements, etc … are much easier when you have not only a well known business brand, but a professional personal brand that is free of incidents. 

The effects of a well managed, clean reputation can’t be emphasized enough. Whatever your business needs, by building a strong personal brand, you’ll automatically be seen as more credible in just about anything you do in the future.

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How-To: Get More Leads For Your Business

Generate-Website-LeadsI swear this is the greatest thing ever.

Okay maybe ever is an overstatement, but hear me out.

Every now and again I come across a tool that excites me. 

Inspires me.

Reminds me of WHY I’m in business. 

Every now and again, I discover something that makes me want to sit down and write a post without thinking about keywords, or H1, H2, H3 tags or any of the other technical aspects to make a post rank higher in the search engines.

Every now and then, I see something SO GOOD I just have to share. 

And that’s how I’m feeling right now. 

I’ve been doing a lot of research on how I can convert the traffic I get from various sources ( free and paid) to leads and then to actual buyers. 

One quick glace and the online marketing world and you’ll find that’s the number on thing on everyone’s mind. 


I discovered something last night that I believe will bring me (and you) one step closer to the goal. 

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