Creating Your Own Affiliate Product

It’s a simple, very logical concept-if you can make big money in affiliate marketing, how big could your revenue stream be if you were the producer of the affiliate product instead? As an affiliate you make “x” percent of each product sold, so let’s say you’re earning a commission of say 50%. That means that you are not making 50% of the revenue generated from that sale. Someone is making just as much as much… Read more »

Tips on Choosing the Right Affiliate Marketing Programs for You

So you’re interested in affiliate marketing programs. You signed up for an affiliate network. Action! It is time to take the first real step in affiliate marketing—choosing the right programs for you. Affiliate marketing can be a very lucrative way to earning income online. If you haven’t read some of my other articles on this topic, the short version is this. Other marketers and even corporations… Read more »

How to Use Personal Branding for Successful Affiliate Marketing

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know that both personal branding and affiliate marketing are two things I’m extremely passionate about. For obvious reasons, developing your own brand – defining your voice in the marketplace presents and incredible opportunity for you to set yourself apart in the marketplace. Like wise, affiliate marketing provides you to… Read more »

How-To: Get More Leads For Your Business

I swear this is the greatest thing ever. Okay maybe ever is an overstatement, but hear me out. Every now and again I come across a tool that excites me.  Inspires me. Reminds me of WHY I’m in business.  Every now and again, I discover something that makes me want to sit down and write a post without thinking about keywords, or H1, H2, H3 tags or any of the other technical aspects to Read more »