Creating Your Own Affiliate Product

It’s a simple, very logical concept-if you can make big money in affiliate marketing, how big could your revenue stream be if you were the producer of the affiliate product instead?

As an affiliate you make “x” percent of each product sold, so let’s say you’re earning a commission of say 50%. That means that you are not making 50% of the revenue generated from that sale. Someone is making just as much as much as you are! Granted that someone is also paying the expenses of development and production and other overhead, but you can bet they’ve set their price at well above expenses!

To be clear, I’m not recommending that you try to create your own affiliate product rather than become an affiliate, especially if you are new to the industry, but what I am recommending is that after you have established your business as an effective internet marketer, that you then leverage your influence to promote products of your own and cash in by netting the biggest part of your sales. Let’s talk a bit about how this can be done.

Tips on Creating an Affiliate Product

Most affiliate product producers or developers you have been selling for may well be affiliate big dogs themselves, and if that is the case, and your sales have been substantial for them, they will most likely be open to the idea of a joint venture or becoming an affiliate reseller of yours.

The Back-End Sales Effect

What this private product creation strategy relies on is your having already established a foothold in the market, inside your niche.
You’ve done this by employing the specific strategies, by creating product-focused websites and then linking them together with the parent site which captures the rest of the general internet traffic looking for your niche content. And now that you have everyone’s attention, you can use it to up sell your returning visitors to your own products.

What Will You Sell?

Much like the freeware products that boosted your traffic, you need to sell something that correlates with what you’ve been selling all along. But you do need to realize that your buyers will not go back in time. You can’t just sell them on something simpler that they might have bought before; you have to sell them on something that serves them in their next phase of life, or that enhances that which they’ve already bought.

Generally speaking, this will be something that is digitally-generated. For instance, if you previously sold bodybuilding supplements, your next product might be an eBook or bodybuilding program that the buyer follows to make those big-muscle gains. If it’s the crunch-time workout video, maybe the product that you build is a nutritional plan or for the time-impaired.

It is worth noting, too, that you can harness the power of back-end sales (as in dedicated, trusting, return buyers) with other affiliate products as well. For instance, let’s say you decide that being an affiliate product developer is just not for you, you can group and up sell complimentary products instead.

Final Note on Creating an Affiliate Product

Remember, you can also reverse the strategy a bit so that you are first selling your product-an eBook or something similarly easy to create-and then up-sell an affiliate product. But no matter how you decide to go about this, remember that it is all based on your established sales foundation. Becoming a Big Dog affiliate is still your first order of business, then.

Tips on Choosing the Right Affiliate Marketing Programs for You

So you’re interested in affiliate marketing programs. You signed up for an affiliate network. Action! It is time to take the first real step in affiliate marketing—choosing the right programs for you.

Affiliate marketing can be a very lucrative way to earning income online. If you haven’t read some of my other articles on this topic, the short version is this. Other marketers and even corporations will create a product or service that they want to move further than their immediate demographic. Rather than paying for additional advertising which can be extremely costly, they will pay affiliate … you to market their products and services for them. Although they are still paying out money, in the long run, they get more bang for their using a pay for referral system.

The benefit to the affiliates, particularly if you are a business owner is that you can present yourself as an authority to your audience all while earning a commission for the products and services you offer.

So how do you know which affiliate marketing programs are right for you? There’s no one shortcut answer, however:

Here are some tips to get the ball rolling for you in affiliate marketing programs:

affiliate marketing programs

Choose affiliate programs that do not collect fees. If you are a newbie, you cannot risk investing money with paid affiliate programs. You should also check when commissions are paid out so you have an idea if it fits your schedule.

Get a program that has a high traffic ratio. This will be your gauge as to how much money you can make with an affiliate program. Look at the hit per sale ratio which will tell you the number of hits a promo gets before someone actually buys the product or service.

Check how long your affiliate cookies last. Cookies are like your marks in the system. They will be used to track the sale and say that the consumer was a referral from your site. The longer they are in there means the longer time you have to earn. Remember visitors might not grab the product or service the first time they see it.

Pick an affiliate program that pays well. There are some programs that pay out commissions that are as much as 75%. Promoting products which pay really low might just be a waste of time, effort, and resources. There are also programs which pay people for recruiting other people to promote their products.

Good affiliate programs provide support materials. When you choose an affiliate program, life will be easier if it provides sales pages, banners, and other stuff that you can use to promote their goods.

After Finding Your Affiliate Marketing Programs

Once you have chosen a good program, start promoting it. It will be a good practice to think out of the box and be creative on how you will push for the product.

Think of ways to get the message across to your potential customers and use means like reports, newsletters, and videos to make them realize that your product is what they need. And lastly, ensure you understand the refund policy with regards to the products and services offered. Trustworthy affiliate marketing programs will have everything laid out for you to understand clearly.


How to Use Personal Branding for Successful Affiliate Marketing

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know that both personal branding and affiliate marketing are two things I’m extremely passionate about. For obvious reasons, developing your own brand – defining your voice in the marketplace presents and incredible opportunity for you to set yourself apart in the marketplace. Like wise, affiliate marketing provides you to opportunity to recommend products and services you find useful or enjoy to your audience. Together, the two make the perfect combination.

Using personal branding in your affiliate marketing campaigns can help you become a more successful affiliate by allowing you to build connections with people who share the same interests. In addition, the marketplace, more specifically your target market will recognize you among the competition.

Why You Should Use Personal Branding in Affiliate Marketing

As stated above, personal branding adds your touch not just to affiliate marketing, but to any business. Much more than a logo or a well written tag line, it’s a way of sharing your expertise and your own ideas with your target market.

Personal branding also helps in establishing rapport with your clients. It gives them a sense of connection that eventually leads to trust and confidence that you are the expert that will provide solutions to their problems.

In a business world where competition is very stiff, it’s easy for other marketers to steal your concept, your tools, and your system. Personal branding (along with the proper copyrights and trademarks) attaches your identity with the goods or services that you sell, unless of course you utilize affiliate marketing to suggest products and services others have created. In this case, your personal brand will be more aligned with a concept and the types of tools you recommend.

4 Tips on Building Your Personal Brand Through Affiliate Marketing

Building a personal brand is not an easy task. It’s something you have to consider, and requires both self and market research. It doesn’t come in a package nor is it achieved overnight.

Here are some tips to get you started in building your brand:

Start a Blog: If you want to be seen as an authority in the business, you should have a site devoted to it. You can also receive important feedback from your followers and potential clients. With your blog, stay away from free sites such as Blogger and Choose a domain that speaks to your person brand and preferably your name (example: if available.

Done For You Viral Blog

Distribute information online: Develop free ebooks or newsletters to use as free giveaways in exchange for your potential clients email address. Send daily or weekly tips packed with value to help you build trust with your market.

Publish write-ups on trade publications: Don’t underestimate the power of print. It is still a very powerful medium. People can get their ideas and business sources by reading magazines and journals. You will develop the authority in your field by using this medium.

Host seminars and webinars: Don’t be afraid to put the spotlight on you and show your expertise. This is a great opportunity to sell your products and services to an audience who is already there for what you have to offer.

Using personal branding in affiliate marketing is like standing in a crowded room where everyone is wearing a black suit, donning the same shoes, and sporting the same smile while you are wearing/doing just the opposite. While not something that it easy or can be done over night, by taking and applying focused action, becoming a successful affiliate with a strong personal brand

How-To: Get More Leads For Your Business

Generate-Website-LeadsI swear this is the greatest thing ever.

Okay maybe ever is an overstatement, but hear me out.

Every now and again I come across a tool that excites me. 

Inspires me.

Reminds me of WHY I’m in business. 

Every now and again, I discover something that makes me want to sit down and write a post without thinking about keywords, or H1, H2, H3 tags or any of the other technical aspects to make a post rank higher in the search engines.

Every now and then, I see something SO GOOD I just have to share. 

And that’s how I’m feeling right now. 

I’ve been doing a lot of research on how I can convert the traffic I get from various sources ( free and paid) to leads and then to actual buyers. 

One quick glace and the online marketing world and you’ll find that’s the number on thing on everyone’s mind. 


I discovered something last night that I believe will bring me (and you) one step closer to the goal. 

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