How to Build a Business And Have a Life

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how to build a business and have a lifeOne of the most over used phrases in home based business industry is


That’s the goal of every entrepreneur right?

To build a business that thrives on autopilot giving them the opportunity to travel the world, shop, play and have a life that they absolutely love while checks magically appear in the mailbox and bank account.

Heck Yeah! We ALL want that.

There’s nothing wrong with dreaming and planning for that, after all, there are people who really do live that way, but I believe the question that remains on everyone’s mind is HOW?

How To Build a Business and Have a Life

Looking back at my first go round at working from home, if I’m honest, I can identify specific things I did not do that more than likely resulted in me having to return to work.

This time however, being back home full time, I determined in my mind that things would be different. That I would enjoy the experience more rather than reveling in that fact that SO MUCH needed to be done. I would be smart about it, set attainable goals, plan, be more effective at my time management, develop a schedule, and I would reward myself.

So the first couple of months I was all over the place. 

  • Hair Salon
  • Nail Salon
  • Spa
  • Eating Out
  • Going to the gym

You name the reward and I was on it. But after a  while, I realized something strange. 


Now depending on your circumstance you may be thinking “How is that possible?”

Like many, I thought that actually being at home was the solution to all my troubles, but there was one thing missing

Human Interaction.

While I was at home “living it up” … 

  • All of my friends were at work.  
  • No one could chat on the phone, take off to have a long lunch or go to the movies. 
  • Because I run an internet business, the majority of my partners are out of state.
  • Even my kids were at school or daycare … 

The Instagram Connection to Build A Business and Have a Life

A few days ago, I was chatting with a friend about some Instagram marketing techniques when a light bulb went off about the concept. Press the Play Button to see what I learned about How to Build a Business and Have a Life:

how to build a business and have a life



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  • Antionette Blake

    Something to consider for my next phase in life (retirement) – great video. Happy Holidays – stopped over from Bloggy Moms.