4 Simple Ways to Build Your List

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One of the most important things you can do as an Internet marketer is to build a targeted, responsive list within your market. A list provides you with the instant ability to connect with your target audience, while being able to build a relationship with your subscribers, establish credibility in your market, and maximize your income faster and easier than anything else. If you are new to list building, rest assured that it’s a very simple process and there are many different ways that you can start collecting leads quickly and easily, and absolutely free.

Here are 4 Simple Ways You Can Build Your List:

Create A Compelling Squeeze Page

In order to build a list, you need to develop a landing page or squeeze page that showcases the benefits a subscriber receives for joining your newsletter. Your squeeze page also displays the code for your opt-in box, which is where visitors enter in their name and email address to subscribe to your mailing list. Your squeeze page can be as basic or as detailed as you decide to make it, just keep in mind that you need a compelling headline that clearly showcases the benefits of your list and speaks directly to your visitors. You should also create a bullet-point listing of benefits, as well as highlight any incentive offers or giveaways that you are offering to anyone who subscribes to your list such as a free report, e-course or ebook. Make sure that your opt-in box is displayed above the fold, and that the sign up process is as easy as possible. You want people to simply enter in their name and email address to be added to your list, so don’t convolute the process!

Offer Quality Incentive Offers

One of the easiest ways to entice a visitor into becoming a subscriber is by offering some form of incentive. One of the most common strategies used by list builders is to provide instant access to free content, such as a downloadable report or ebook that is relevant to those visiting the site. You want to build targeted lists, rather than generic ones and so by offering content that is tailored towards what your subscribers are interested in, you’ll be able to ‘qualify’ subscribers, ensuring that your list is not only targeted, but responsive.

Participate In Giveaways

You can generate traffic to your website and recruit new leads just by participating in giveaways. Giveaways allow contributors to offer a gift to visitors in exchange for each member joining their list. It’s a great way to  build your lists quickly but keep in mind that “freebie seekers” aren’t always the easiest to later convert into buyers.

Still, it’s a simple way of jump-starting your list activity and giving you the opportunity to gain experience from sending out broadcasts, split testing campaigns and developing a relationship with your list.

Become Active In Relevant Forums

Forum marketing is an effective strategy for driving in fresh traffic to your squeeze page and building your list, but it also helps you build brand awareness in your niche market. By being an active member of relevant community forums, you can spread your marketing message quickly, while finding potential joint venture partners and networking opportunities. Just make sure that you include a direct link to your squeeze page in your forum signature (when permitted) and that you do your best to contribute quality, and useful information that will add value to the community.

Make sure you come back tomorrow for Part II where I reveal 3 MORE simple way to build your list!

Wishing you growth & prosperity!



P.S. Click here to watch a video on how me and my friends are using a simple 3 steps system to build our lists and subsequently our bank accounts

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  • These are great strategies, although not always “simple” for some people. Maybe in a future post you could write about “simple” techniques for creating a free report or giveaway, “simple” strategies for squeeze pages, etc. Good advice here, though. Much success to you as well!

  • Thanks for some great reminders to generate traffic and get readers! Perhaps a next post on how to find giveaways to participate in? Thanks for a helpful post!

  • Thanks for the information…I will be putting them to use. Looking forward to more useful information. Thanks again!!!