4 Benefits of Building a Personal Brand in a Targeted Niche

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When it comes to branding, many people think big brand advertising: Apple, Starbucks and Nike – it’s often thought of in terms of companies spending, but dollars, however in the small and independent industry, building a personal brand is just as important for survival. 

Surprisingly,  personal branding is one of those things that is extremely crucial to success in a small industry, but ironically often overlooked.

Listed below are 4 Benefits of building a personal brand in a targeted niche. 

1. Become the Expertise in Your Niche 

Once you’ve been marketing for a while, producing valuable blog posts, videos, and other content,  before a potential client/prospect even contacts you they will have already been to your website, and all of your social media pages. 

Because information sis so readily available, they’ll already have an opinion about you, good or bad, what the potential client/prospect believes depends on how well you’ve developed you personal brand. 

In other words, your brand can have a huge impact on your conversions, so make sure you  build strong and packed full of value. 

2. Type-In Traffic

Type-in traffic can be a huge traffic source for those seeking organic search traffic. If you’ve been marketing for a while and built a strong personal brand, it’s possible to get more results from type-in traffic than from paid marketing. 

Take Apple (the computer company) for example. They get more traffic from people typing their domain name into the search bar than they do from any of their paid advertising methods because they’ve built a strong brand. 

If managed correctly, type-in traffic is a great opportunity for your personal brand to flourish. 

3. Networking 

As I stated early, becoming an expert in your niche is one of the best things you can do for your personal brand. It’ll open doors to a wealth of opportunities, including guest blogging on other people’s sites, successful product creation and selling, JV partnerships, and speaking opportunities. All of these provide an increase in  free backlinks to your site which means more traffic and new customers. 

4. Becoming Your Personal Brand                           

Successful entrepreneurs realize that building their business brand  also means building their personal brand.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is believing the two are separate or that they have no impact on one another. Being mindful that to the potential customer or client they are one in the same will not only open doors for your business, but it’ll also open doors for you professionally. Getting investors for new projects, book deals, speaking engagements, etc … are much easier when you have not only a well known business brand, but a professional personal brand that is free of incidents. 

The effects of a well managed, clean reputation can’t be emphasized enough. Whatever your business needs, by building a strong personal brand, you’ll automatically be seen as more credible in just about anything you do in the future.

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  • Very helpful tips. Some great info. I believe we are all a brand now days, so people need to take heed.